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Animated Text

Animated Text Widget
To create headlines that capture attention of your visitors, you can use our Animated Text widget. The widget supports 18 elegant text animations in the premium version.
The Free version of the plugin supports 6 of these text animations.

The widget lets you enter a collection of Animated text elements that are displayed one after another with the chosen text animation. The ‘Add Item’ button lets you add multiple animated text items.
The option to enter before and after texts that wrap around the animated text elements is also provided. These wrapper text elements are not animated.
You can optionally link the the entire line containing the animated text to a website of your choice.

Animated Text Element Edit Window

The Settings window of the Animated Text widget lets you choose the animation type, set the delay between text animations and also specify text alignment. It has the following options –

Animated Text Widget Settings Window
Animated Text Widget Settings Window

  • Text Animation – Choose from 18 text animation types provided. The animated text items added will sport the chosen animation when showing up one after another continuously.
  • Animation Delay – This is the time gap to be maintained between animated text items when showing up one after another. This value decides how long a text is displayed before the current one disappears allowing the next text in the animated text collection to show up.
  • Split Text – You can choose Characters as the split option if you want each character of the text to animate separately. This is probably what you want most of the time since the animation looks best with this option. You can choose Words option if you want the animation to apply at the word level.
  • Text Alignment – The text alignment – left, right or center for the line containing the animated text, including the before and the after text.

The Style tab of the Animated Text widget allows you to customize the color and the typography (font type, size, weight, style, line height etc.) for the Before text, After text and the Animated Text elements.

Animated Text Widget Styling Window

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