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Carousel Addon

Generic Carousel Element

Livemesh Carousel is a generic carousel of custom HTML content of your choice. Possibilities are endless – image carousels with textual content describing the images, video carousels, event carousels with link to the events, a carousel of team of volunteers, a collection of books sold on Amazon etc.

Generic Carousel Element Edit Window

If you need a carousel of custom content HTML of your choice, this element helps achieve the same. For the HTML content, you will need to provide your own custom CSS under Settings for the carousel. While posts carousel helps you display carousel items derived from posts or custom post types, this element lets you display any well-formed HTML content as items in a carousel. You may use the WordPress visual editor to construct the required content.

Generic Carousel Settings Window

Generic Carousel Settings Window

The section ‘Carousel Settings’ has options that control how the carousel is displayed. Options include autoplay speed, gutter value between post items in various resolutions, navigation controls for carousel, number of columns or items to display before making the user to scroll for additional items etc. The carousel settings are explained in the help section above for Posts Carousel.

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