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Services Addon

Services Element

Many agencies, freelancers, corporates, products/apps require capturing the services provided by the agency or the features of a product. The services element is designed to help users capture these services or features in a multi-column grid.

The element supports about 3 different styles (with 2 additional styles in premium version of the plugin) and each of these styles can be customized further by choosing the type of icon desired to represent the service – a font icon or an custom image icon. While the choice of font icons is huge in number and perhaps sufficient for most common services, the icon images can help present the unique nature of the services offered.

Each of the service requires you to input a title for the service/feature and a short description of the service offered or the product feature. Additionally, each service allows you to enter a font icon or an icon image file to represent that service.

The premium version of the plugin allows you specify a custom font size, font color and and hover color for the font icon along with providing two additional styles of services/features.

Services Element Edit Window

Services Element Edit Window

Services element supports the following options –

  • Columns per row – Number of services to display per row of services.
  • Icon Custom Size – If the icon chosen for services is icon font, you can specify a custom size for the font icon in pixels.
  • Icon Custom Color – Specify a custom color for the font icon.
  • Icon Custom Hover Color – Specify a custom hover color for the font icon.
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