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Statistics Addons

Statistics Elements

The plugin features a number of elements that help display statistical information in the form of odometers, piecharts and stats bars.

Most of these addons are designed to animate the display of the statistical information or numbers when the users scroll down to the section containing the widget.


Odometer Element

This element displays one or more animated odometer statistics in a multi-column grid. This number statistic requires a start and an end value with a title and icon providing the information about what the number represents – like a download number or number of products sold or customers gained.

The element animates from the start value to the end value when the user scrolls down to the section. You can control the number of such odometers displayed per row.

Odometer Edit Window

Stats Bars

Stats Bar Piechart Elements

Stats Bars capture percentage statistics like coverage area, skills gained, survey findings, usage statistics etc. that typically require bar charts to represent them. Each statistical item requires a percentage value, a title describing the number. The user can choose to display the bar charts in multiple or single color with the help of color choice available with each value input.

The element animates from the zero to the percentage value set for the item when the user scrolls down to the section containing the widget. The bars are placed one below the other horizontally.

Stats Bar Element Edit Window


Piecharts provide an alternative way to display percentage stats. When the users scrolls down and the chart becomes visible, the element animates from zero to percentage value provided for the statistic. A bar of user chosen color moves along a track to display the percentage information. An option to specify the number of charts displayed per row is provided.

Piechart Element Edit Window

Piechart Element Edit Window

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