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Testimonials Addons

Testimonials Element

The plugin features two addon elements for capturing testimonials received for your product or business or services. Most agencies, corporates, small businesses, freelancers and products/apps require testimonials to displayed prominently on the site to help convert visitors to customers. The two elements provided are elegantly designed to achieve greater conversion rate.

The testimonials information include details about the person/company endorsing the product/service; details like name, company, website of this person/organization along with an image representing this person/entity.


The regular testimonials widget displays multiple testimonials in a row with the user having the option to specify the number of items per row. This is useful if you need a large number of testimonials to be visible instantly when the user scrolls down to view the testimonials section.

Testimonials Element Edit Window

Testimonials Slider

Testimonials Slider Element

The testimonials slider widget is useful for display of endorsements/recommendations with large amount of text for each testimonial. The slider displays the testimonials as a slideshow with multiple element options provided to control/customize this slideshow – options like speed of switching, speed of animation, whether to pause the slideshow on hover, controls needed for manual navigation by the user etc. The slider is completely responsive and touch swipe controls available for easy navigation on smartphones/tablets.

Testimonials Slider Edit Window

The testimonials slider provides quite a few options to customize the behavior of the slider. Options include slideshow speed, animation speed, slider navigation contols etc.

Testimonials Slider Settings

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