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How to customize output generated by addons

The strength of this plugin over many others is that this plugin lets you customize almost any piece of HTML generated by an addon part of the plugin. You can move around or modify the output elements to suit your needs – change HTML tags, change sequence of information (e.g., place image at the bottom of the post in a grid), add new CSS classes of your own, add branding material, delete unneeded output element (e.g. remove post meta information), modify information (e.g., truncate description or excerpt generated) etc. with the help of templates and filters provided by the plugin.

Filters are hooks that are provided at almost every customization opportunity that presents itself as the addon renders the widgets by parsing the settings input by the user in the Elementor panel. About 200+ filters have been provided to help users customize almost any information output by the addons of this plugin.

To locate the filters, the users are encouraged to have a look at the PHP code located in the render() function of the respective addon file located in includes/widgets/ folder.

More about Filters – a guide for non-developers →

Following are some examples of customizations of the plugin code done for our customers.


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