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Icon List

Icon Lists Element

The icon list element is extremely useful for creating a list of icons with optional links to sites or pages that the icons represent. Examples include social media profiles, icon lists representing payment options or download platforms or a quick summary of services.

Each of the icons part of a list have a title, optional target URL and the icon itself can be a font icon or an custom image. The title for the icon is displayed as a tooltip on mouse hover.

Icon Lists Element Edit Window

Icon Lists Element Edit Window

Following options are available –

  • Icon/Image size in pixels – Custom size of the icons displayed.
  • Icon color – If the icons chosen are font icons, you may specify a custom color for the icons.
  • Icon hover color – The color of the font icons on mouse hover.
  • Open the links in new window – If a target URL is specified for a link, whether the links should open in a new window.
  • Alignment – The icon list can be chosen to align at the center, left, right of it’s position in a page.
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