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Tabs and Accordions

Tabs Elements

A large of finely designed styles are supported by tabs function of the plugin. Tabs can be of two types – vertical and regular horizontal style tabs.

Tabs Elements

There are a total of 10 tab styles to choose from. There is simply no another plugin or theme that supports so many elegant styles for tabs.

Tabs Element Edit Window

Tabs required two attributes – a tab title and tab content. For styles that support icons, choice of displaying a font icon or an icon image along with the tab title is supported.

Mobile Resolution – Indicate the device resolution in pixels for displaying the tab in responsive mobile mode. The tabs are designed to work well in all device resolutions without sacrificing usability.


Accordion Element

Accordions support panels that are collapsed by default. The panels can be opened by clicking on panel title bar.

Accordion Element Edit Window

Each of the panels part of an accordion require the user to input a tab title and tab content.

Option to allow multiple panels to be open is provided.

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