Image Gallery – Pro!

This powerful element lets you create a gallery of images or videos displayed in a multi-column grid. An instance of this element can capture a portfolio of work like that of a photographer or graphic designer/artist.

Image Gallery Features

  • Bulk upload option for bulk upload of images
  • For lightbox, click anywhere on image. If a destination URL is specified for the gallery item, lightbox can be opened by clicking on an icon.
  • Specify multiple tags for each of the images to enable filtering on images.
  • Pagination, Load More and Load on Scroll (Infinite Scroll) via AJAX option for large galleries.
  • AJAX based filtering when pagination or load more is enabled. Bulti-in cache enabled for pagination and AJAX based filters.
  • Choice of 7 header styles and 3 skins for display of gallery items
  • Responsive filters which collapse as screen/device size reduces.
  • Advanced features like touch/swipe controls, pinch out/in, double tap, keyboard navigation, full screen, thumbnails, social media sharing, hardware accelerated animations, direct linking now supported with lightbox.

Image Gallery – Packed

Packed Gallery with Masonry

Bulk Upload with Load More

Image Gallery with Pagination

Image Gallery with Load More

Skin 2 for gallery

Skin 3 with Load on Scroll