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Ready to use Addon elements created for Elementor page builder with extensive customization options.

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Addons for Elementor

Addons designed and developed with exceptional attention to detail. Click on the screenshots to see a live preview of the addons listed below.

Crafted with care for easy site building

We don't overwhelm you with plain looking elements forcing you to customize endlessly to achieve desired look. Instead we bundle elegant styles with each addon for you to pick and choose, styles that don't require extensive customization.

Enhance Theme

No need to switch to a premium theme to get new features. We have got everything covered here with premium elements.

Beautiful Design

First thing you notice when you try our addons - focus on details and unmatched design for a product of this kind.

Ease of Use

We don't force you to endlessly customize to achieve that perfect look. Instead, we bundle built-in styles to free your time.

Fast Loading

Along with focus on design and usability, performance is core to the success of this addons plugin.

Quality Code

With over 8 experience with WordPress development, we care to deliver a quality product.

Mobile Optimized

All addon elements are well tested on devices of all sizes. Usability and ease of use is important to us.

Sample Data

To get started quickly on the addons, the premium version of the plugin comes with demo data import.

Regular Updates

We regularly release updates to all of our plugins and themes to ensure compatibility and provide new features.

Proven Support

Having served over 14,620+ paid customers, we have the expertise to stand behind our product and fix issues or answer queries.

With 14,570+ customers worldwide, our work has been featured on leading sites for web design.

The Best Designs

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Build your next project with Elementor Addons and see how well it works for you


Great collection of page builder addons for Elementor. Building a exceptional website is all drag and drop.

Premium Quality Addons

Exquisitely designed addons for Elementor page builder.

Page Builder Elements

Large collection of page builder elements with their multiple styles that provide ALL the tools you need to come up with a dream website of yours by just drag, drop and configure.


Essential addons include Services, Team Profiles, Testimonials, Clients, Pricing, Statistics, Charts, Carousels and Portfolio/Post Grid.


Along with the essential web building tools bundled with free version, the PRO version comes with additional advanced addons, functions and customizations detailed below.

Dark Version

The plugin comes with dark versions for the bundled addons.

Posts/Portfolio Grid

The PRO version comes with advanced grid functions like pagination, lazy load via AJAX, load on scroll (infinite scroll), lightbox, WooCommerce Support etc.


Construct a responsive and filterable grid of posts or custom post types like portfolio entries.


The PRO version comes with advanced grid functions like pagination, lazy load via AJAX, load on scroll (infinite scroll), lightbox support, WooCommerce support etc.

Demo Site Replication

Premium version comes with sample data XML bundled to get a head start on the plugin by import of demo data on our site.

Grids with AJAX Pagination

Multiple pages of posts/portfolio/image/video grid loaded inline without page refresh. Showcase your entire work anywhere on the site.

Advanced Grid with Lazy Load

The grid elements are loaded on scroll(infinite scroll) or on demand with each press of a Load More button that displays a count of remaining posts.

Lightbox Support

Fancybox plugin integrated for fast and smooth lightbox support for posts/portfolio or image/video grid elements.


Choose from over 40+ custom animations for most widgets (excludes sliders, carousels and grid).

Advanced Image Slider

Responsive slider with choice of Nivo, Flex, Slick and Ultra Lightweight slider types. Comes with multiple caption styles, thumbnail navigation and detailed customization of slider speed and controls.

Responsive Tabs/Accordion

Beautifully designed Tabs and Accordions. Never before choice of over dozen painstakingly crafted styles to choose from.

Image Gallery

Create a beautiful yet responsive gallery with support for tagging, linking, filtering, labels, lazy load of images with Load More, Load on Scroll (Infinite Scroll) and pagination.

YouTube/Vimeo Video Gallery

Essential tool for video bloggers, video marketers, musicians and other sites with video content. Tags, filters, external linking, labels, pagination, load on scroll and lazy load via AJAX supported.

Advanced Image Carousel

Advanced carousel with touch/swipe/drag/paged/click navigation. Extensive customization for responsiveness, animation/slideshow speed, gutter, looping etc.

YouTube/Vimeo Video Carousel

Perfect for showcasing a select collection of videos with filters, tags, external links, labels, touch/swipe/mouse drag/click navigation, paging and lightbox support.

YouTube/Vimeo Video Grid

Display a collection of videos directly obtained from YouTube/Vimeo API given a channel/user id, playlist id, album id or a group id. Load More option provided.

Instagram Grid

Display images and videos obtained from Instagram API given one or more user names or hash tags.

Twitter Grid

Showcase tweets on your site pulled from the Twitter API with load more option. Display tweets from user timeline, user favorites, user lists or display tweets by a search term.

WooCommerce Grid

Enhancement of Posts Grid addon that lets you capture product attributes like name, price, rating, add to cart, add to wish list etc. Comes with a quick view option to display product details in a modal window.

Dedicated Support Desk

Customers of PRO version get access to a dedicated support desk with tickets that are answered within 24 hours.

Priority Support

The experience and expertize gained by providing support for over 14,650 customers for our premium themes and plugins is available to you. Private tickets let you work directly with our support staff by providing your site details.

Development Time
Demo Sections
Addon Elements
Elementor Addons

Frequently asked questions

If you have further queries, do contact us by writing to us.

What kind of support do you offer?

We have a dedicated support forum for all our premium customers where we answer your queries or address any issues generally within 24 hours of posting the query. With over 8+ years of developing premium themes and plugins and supporting nearly 14,600+ paid customers, we have the skills and commitment required to stand behind our products. Our public support forum alone has nearly 4500+ topics created by our users with 16,000+ replies to these topics.

Do these addons work with my theme?
We have tested our Elementor addons with many popular themes to ensure compatibility and minimize conflicts. Should you have any trouble, do get in touch with us and we will do our best to rectify the issue.
What are the requirements of the plugin?
The addons plugin requires that you have the latest version of Elementor plugin installed and activated on your site.
Will my premium license get renewed automatically?

The licenses are automatically renewed. Towards the end of the billing period, we will send you an email informing you about the automatic renewal. If you decide to not renew it, you can cancel the subscription and continue to use our premium plugin on your site. You will just not be able to receive updates to our plugin.

Do you offer refunds?
Yes we do! We stand behind the quality of our product and will refund 100% of your money if you are not happy with your purchase or experience an issue that makes the plugin unusable and we are unable to resolve it.
Will you add more addons and demo sections?

We are constantly improving all of our products. We do have plans to add more tools and templates to our page builder addons plugins in coming days. 

Will the plugin stop working if I do not renew my subscription?

Absolutely Not! You can continue to use the Elementor addon elements as long as you wish to. You will not be able to receive plugin updates or premium support after the license expires.

Can I change my plan later on?
Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time or upgrade to a lifetime license.

Incredible Addons with Amazing Support! Wow, I'm really loving it. I was looking for a solid and flexible product, specially something for my blog and my client videos and with the Video Gallery and the Posts Block addons I'm so amazed... Thanks for a superb job and amazing support!

Carmelo T

Installed the free version and found to be really great. Immediately discovered some issues which were solved within no time by developer after reporting (which is more than rarely the case in this manner). Regarded worth switching to pro and did. Great start and great support! Keep up this good work.

Handy add-ons, excellent support. A set of handy add-ons. I've used two modules so far, Grid (to display my posts, filterable by categories) and Posts Carousel. They work well and were easy to set up. When I come across two minor display issues, I got prompt reply and updates were released very soon. Thanks!

Great plugin. Superb, the best, the ultimate culmination of all things WordPress, the pinnacle of mankind's constant effort to improve himself, an accomplishment that will live for eternity and be hailed for generations to come.

Livemesh is extending page builder to include more than a dozen new features and settings that will further enhance your experience of building stunning designs.

Aigars Silkalns

Perfect for my site. Used the gallery feature to great effect, which looks great and saved us loads of time. Really pleased.

Great work and great support. It's a great plugin that offers a lot of new cool features for Elementor. Really appreciate the work livemesh have put into this. Great support as well.

Excellent complement. Thank you very much for offering and sharing quality to enrich the design possibilities in WordPress and the Elementor user community.

Super! Very Creative! And the widgets work very well.

Peter Krijger

Fantastic support ...and great add-ons opening loads of new possibilities.

Very useful and great support. A great addition to Elementor, thanks!

Haeme Ulrich

Worth the money. I only use a small portion if it, but it is worth it.

Nicholas Mercader

Nice Set of Useful Add-ons for Elementor! Not overwhelming amounts of half-assed add-ons, but well made additions to the already amazing Elementor page builder! Highly recommended!

All the elements are well thought out and look perfect across all devices. I used the plugin for a project and it saved me lot of dev hours. What more you can ask for? Simply amazing!

Great plugin! Even with the limitations of editing the free version, I found a great option to increase the Elementor even more. Congratulations!

Great plugin for Elementor. This is a great addons for Elementor plugin. The portfolio grid is free and it's great!! And the plugin is active; the author answer the issues and questions about the plugin in a few hours. Good job!!

Fernando Garcia

Great plugin. It is a very nice and useful plugin. I am very satisfied. Now it is possibly to link to specific tabs. The support is nice and friendly too.

Great plugin & support. It's a great plugin with many features and the support is really helpful. I strongly recommend the Pro version of LiveMesh Addons for Elementor.

I am using Free version and it already proved it's worth. The Pro version is more advanced, I would like to try it too.

Strahinja Zivkovic

Impressive set of addons. Very satisfied. Adds a lot of functionality

We frequently update our product with new features, tweaks and bug fixes.

The premium Addons for Elementor plugin has seen 26 updates/releases in last 12 months alone.

Last Updated - July 09, 2024


  • Added – Escaping the style attribute to prevent directory traversal for template files.


  • Added – Escaping the data output for gallery, youtube grid, features, image gallery, posts grid, clients, services, timeline, team members, sliders, carousels, testimonials widgets for enhanced validation of user input.
  • Added – Compatibility with WordPress 6.6 and Elementor 3.22


  • Added – Escaping the data output for posts grid, posts gridbox slider, posts multislider, posts slider, heading, marquee text, tab slider widgets for enhanced validation of user input.


  • Added – Escaping the style and template settings for sliders, posts grid, posts block, gallery, testimonials, services, team widgets for enhanced validation of user input.


  • Added – The dynamic nonce for extra security when caching is enabled on the server for posts grid, posts block and image/video gallery. Resolves 403 error reported by some users.


  • Added – The decoding sync attribute on images so that isotope filters work well


  • Added – Validation for custom classes for timeline, device slider and marquee text widgets
  • Freemius SDK update to 2.6.2


  • Added – Validation of links for team member, services and social URLs


  • Added – Validation of class attributes for gallery, button and animated text widgets


  • Freemius SDK update to 2.6.1
  • Added – Image based intuitive style selector for tabs widget


  • Added - A new template for the testimonials slider widget.


  • Added - Three new styles for the testimonials slider widget.
  • Added - Dark version for testimonials slider widget styles.


  • Fixed - On rare occasions, not having Elementor PRO activated breaks the plugin.
  • Fixed - Styling issues on the team member profiles when the image size is too small to occupy the grid width.
  • Fixed - The flipbox team member style can get cut when the carousel option is chosen.


  • Added - 4 more exciting new styles to team members widget. One of these based on flipbox effect and another invokes modal window to display team member details.


  • Added - 3 new elegant styles to the team member widget.
  • Optimized the CSS by removing obsolete vendor prefixes. Helps the pages to load faster.


  • Added - Added intuitive image based style selector for posts gridbox slider, posts slider, posts multislider, testimonials, services, team members widgets.
  • Added - Image based style select control to help choose styles visually. Replaces text based select styles dropdown in many widgets in current and future versions of the plugin
  • Updated - Compatibility with Elementor 3.17


  • Added - New icons for few widgets
  • Updated - Minor code refactoring and improvements


  • Updated - Freemius SDK 2.5.12 update.
  • Updated - Compatibility with Elementor 3.16.


  • Added - Subtext option to the Marquee widget
  • Added - Ability to output HTML for the text of the Marquee widget
  • Added - Subtext option to the Marquee widget
  • Updated - Compatibility with Elementor 3.14


  • Updated - Freemius SDK 2.5.10 update.


  • Fixed - The Livemesh Item and Livemesh Grid do not show up in the list of template types in theme builder
  • Fixed - The current query option in posts widgets - posts grid, posts carousel, posts block broken


  • Critical Fix - Sites running PHP version below 7.3 showing error
  • Fixed - Issue with query construction


  • Updated - Disabled/Enabled Elementor AI for relevant controls on several widgets


  • Updated - Freemius SDK 2.5.8 update
  • Updated - Compatibility with Elementor 3.13


  • Added - New elegant Timeline widget. Presently only supports horizontal timeline with touch swipe functions for navigation.


  • Added - Two new styles to piecharts widget with additional customization options for line width, canvas size
  • Added - A elegant new style to testimonials widget with the required customizations
  • Updated - Compatibility with Elementor 3.11
  • Updated - Freemius SDK 2.5.3 update


  • Added - New Device Slider widget
  • Updated - Compatibility with Elementor 3.10


  • Added - Compatibility with WP 6.1 and Elementor 3.8
  • Added - Missing sanitization checks for theme color admin settings


  • Added - New Marquee Text widget with plenty of customization options


  • Added - New Animated Text widget with 18 text animations


  • Fixed - Elementor editor would not load on certain sites when plugin is activated
  • Fixed - JS errors seen in console when Elementor 3.7 is loaded on the site


  • Added - Documentation for several important functions part of the plugin


  • Added - Gradient background for Posts Slider, Posts Multislider and Posts Gridbox Slider
  • Fixed - Posts not aligned right for Style 7 of Posts Gridbox Slider
  • Fixed - Some styles of Posts Slider, Posts Multislider and Posts Gridbox Slider displaying unwanted background overlay
  • Updated - Freemius SDK 2.4.4 update


  • Added - Documentation for Posts Slider, Posts Multislider and Posts Gridbox Slider
  • Added - Code documentation for widgets


  • Fixed - Elementor dropdown menu displaying incorrectly when Livemesh Addons is activated
  • Update - Compatibility with Elementor 3.7


  • Fixed - Deprecated warning in Elementor 3.6


  • Fixed - The Carousel's dots navigation moves erratically on hover in some installations


  • Updated - Freemius SDK 2.4.3 security update


  • Tweak - Posts Grid now supports upto 500 posts
  • Compatibility with WP 5.9 and Elementor 3.6.0


  • Added - Posts Grid, Posts Slider, Posts Carousel, Posts Multislider, Posts Gridbox Slider and Posts Block modules now let you exclude specific posts from the posts query


  • Fixed - Livemesh Item and Livemesh Grid instances not being listed in the theme builder


  • Fixed - Duplicate CSS entries in the minified CSS files due to a dev build configuration error.


  • Fixed - Testimonials Slider not working


  • Fixed – Cumulative Layout shift issue with widgets
  • Fixed – Rendering issues due to stylesheets loading in the footer.
  • Tweak – Combined and minified CSS for faster loading


  • New Widget – The Message Box widget


  • Tweak - Increased the number of columns allowed in Posts Carousel.
  • Added - Compatibility with Elementor 3.5.


  • Fixed - Deprecated warnings raised on PHP 8.
  • Added - Compatibility with PHP 8.


  • Added - Ability to utilize Elementor templates from Elementor Custom Skin for Custom Skin in Posts Grid and Posts Carousel addons. This is as per a user request.


  • Tweak - Moved to Slick Carousel library from legacy Flex Slider for the Testimonials Slider.
  • Added - Compatibility with Elementor 3.4.


  • Added - Compatibility with Elementor 3.3 and WordPress 5.8.


  • Fixed - The Posts Gridbox Slider does not display some of the posts in Safari browser for premium styles of the widget.


  • Fixed - The Posts Gridbox Slider does not display some of the posts in Safari browser.


  • Fixed - The Posts Slider Style 1 does not display post summary information.
  • Fixed - With Team Members addon Style 2, the member details wraps around the profile photo. Moved to CSS flex box based layout of elements.


  • Added - Dark Mode setting for most widgets in the Style tab.
  • Added - Additional styling for dark mode. This styling is applied when dark mode is enabled for widgets residing on pages or page sections with dark backgrounds.


  • Added - Two new styles for Testimonials widget including one with list style Testimonials
  • Refactored HTML generated for Testimonials and Testimonials Slider widget
  • Refactored SCSS/CSS for Testimonials and Testimonials Slider widget


  • Added - Added star rating option for Testimonials Slider
  • Added - Add customization option for star ratings in Testimonials and Testimonials Slider widgets


  • Added - Option to enable and disable user header information in Vimeo Grid
  • Added - Option to enable and disable channel header information in YouTube Grid


  • Added - Carousel option along with Grid for Services and Clients Elementor addons
  • Added - Extensive customization options for Carousel function of Services, Team Members, Testimonials and Clients addons


  • Added - Carousel option along with Grid for Team Members and Testimonials Elementor addons
  • Added - Support for star rating in Testimonials addons
  • Added - A new style for Testimonials addon
  • Fixed - Fatal error when plugin is activated in an environment using legacy versions of Elementor


  • Updated - Freemius SDK 2.4.2 with license activation enhancements, beta programs and other features and bug fixes.


  • Fixed - Sanitized options in the editor to enforce better security policies based on research by Wordfence team


  • Fixed – Fatal error with WooCommerce grid quick view function


  • Added – Upgrade notice on the addons in the free version of the plugin


  • Added – New high performance, light-weight yet feature rich grid system for Services, Team Member, Testimonials, Pricing Table, Odometers, Piecharts, Clients and FAQ Elementor addons.
  • Added - Options for specifying auto column layout using minimum column size, column gap and row gap for those addons using the new grid system.
  • Added - The new grid system utilizes the same responsive breakpoints as native Elementor widgets.
  • Added - Moved the old grid system to a separate file for use in other modules dependent on the old grid system.


  • Added – Customization options for placement, shape, color and visibility for slider navigation controls for Posts Slider, Posts Gridbox Slider and Posts Multislider.
  • Removed - Styles for slider navigation arrow controls since they are less flexible and now obsolete due to new display customization options added.


  • Added – Great looking 8 new slider direction arrow styles for posts slider, posts gridbox slider and posts multislider widgets
  • Added - 4 new premium styles of Posts Slider addon
  • Fixed - The Posts Multislider would ignore the image size option chosen by the user
  • Fixed - The template overridden for Posts Carousel content template would not take effect
  • Removed - Image size option for Posts Slider addon since sliders typically require full sized images
  • Added - Compatibility with WordPress 5.7


  • Fixed – The Elementor editor would not load when Jupiter theme was activated and when WooCommerce Grid was added to a page
  • 6.4

  • Improvement – Moved to templates based design for easy customization of premium addons - Accordion, Tabs, Features addon, Gallery Carousel, FAQ, Image Slider, Services Carousel, Slider and Button Elementor extensions.
  • Improvement - Moved away from hooks/filters based customization for many of the premium widgets since they are not being utilized to their potential. Templates are much more intuitive and require less effort; they let you copy files to your theme and override them quickly.
  • Added - New template files for Accordion, Tabs, Features addon, Gallery Carousel, FAQ, Image Slider, Services Carousel, Slider and Button addons. These templates can be overridden in the theme.
  • Fixed - Display issue with some heading styles in Posts Grid when no heading text is specified.
  • Fixed - The next and previous slides were slightly visible in the Generic slider addon.
  • Fixed - Image occupying full width in the slides of Generic Slider addon.
  • Fixed - The vertical styles of tabs not reflected in the editor.
  • 6.3.1

  • Updated – Tested for compatibility with Elementor PRO 3.1.0
  • 6.3

  • Improvement – Moved addons Pricing Table, Services, Tab Slider and Heading to template based design for easy customization.
  • Added - New template files for Pricing Table, Services, Tab Slider and Heading addons that can be overridden in the theme.
  • 6.2.2

    • Fixed – Cannot retrieve private videos in the Vimeo Grid.
    • Fixed - Icons like the video play icon, views icon not showing up in Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo Grids.
    • Improvement - Switched to a simpler authorization mode in Vimeo Grid using Authenticated Personal Access Token instead of Client ID and Client Secret. If you have Vimeo Grid activated on your site, pls generate Personal Access Token for your application created at and provide the same in the Social API tab of plugin settings.
    • Removed - The Client Credentials mode of accessing the Vimeo API using Client ID and Client Secret.


    • Fixed – The spacing between columns in generic carousel and services carousel not taking effect.


    • Improvement – Moved to templates based design for easy customization for generic carousel, stats bars, odometers, piecharts, team members, testimonials and testimonials slider widgets. More widgets being migrated in next releases.
    • Improvement – Moved away from hooks/filters based customization for some of the widgets since they are not being utilized well. Templates are much more intuitive and require less effort; they let you copy files to your theme and override them quickly.
    • Improvement – Moved to templates based design for Posts Carousel widget. If you have done any customization of this popular widget through WP hooks/filters, pls note they will not work anymore in the new version. Pls find the template file in templates/addons/posts-carousel folder in the plugin, copy the same to your (child) theme and make changes as per requirements. Much easier now than using hooks/filters.
    • Fixed – Social icons not showing up on team members widget.
    • Fixed – The templates for posts slider, posts multislider, posts gridbox slider widgets overridden in theme not taking effect


    • Removed – Unused JS and CSS files.


    • Update – Massive overhauling of JS scripts to improve performance.
    • Improvement - Breaking up bigger scripts into smaller ones, each meeting the needs of a single widget
    • Update - Most pages can see anywhere from 50 to 90% reduction in JS and CSS.
    • Removed - Bigger JS and CSS files that would load on some pages.
    • Fixed - Accordion styles not loaded


    • Improvement – Further performance gains by having most widgets load only the CSS they require.
    • Improvement - Removed superfluous CSS files and some big CSS files were broken down into files for individual widgets
    • Fixed - Absence of heading text in Posts Grid, Posts Block and Gallery widgets would shrink the filter to a dropdown


    • Fixed – Display issues with some widgets in Elementor 3.1
    • Added - Compatibility fixes and changes for Elementor 3.1
    • Added - Performance improvements by loading only the required CSS for widgets active on the page


    • Added – The Posts Multislider widget
    • Added - Support for 4 built-in styles for Posts Slider with additional customizations
    • Fixed - Warnings for slick JS in Elementor 3.x


    • Added – The Posts Slider widget
    • Added - The Posts Grid Box Slider widget
    • Added - Support for 4 styles in the Posts Slider with additional customizations
    • Added - Support for 7 styles in the Posts Grid Box Slider with additional customizations
    • Added - Thumbnail navigation for slides in the Posts Slider
    • Added - Support for Center Mode in the Posts Slider
    • Fixed - Warnings with PHP 7.4 version


    • Added – The plugin Elementor modules now point to the online docs.
    • Updated - Readme.txt file for latest features and additions to the plugin.


    • Added – Online documentation with help pages for all the recent addons/enhancements added to the plugin.
    • Updated - The WP admin menu for the plugin renamed to Livemesh Addons


    • Added – Option to disable featured image for posts in posts carousel
    • Added – Custom icons for almost all elementor addons part of this plugin
    • Updated – Freemius SDK 2.4.1 with License White-Label Update, WP 5.5. jQuery Compatibility, Auto-Updates UI Integration, and more!


    • Added – Smooth height option to Testimonials Slider


    • Added - Touch enabled, responsive Tab Slider widget for Elementor
    • Added - Three default styles for Tab Slider widget
    • Added - Extensive customization options for Tab Slider elements
    • Added - Ability to deactivate Tab Slider addon in Settings window


    • Fixed - Pagination and filtering in Posts Grid and Posts Block would remove loading indicator prematurely
    • Fixed - The loading indicator for Load More button displayed during filtering
    • Fixed - The message prompting for custom grid template not fully visible
    • Fixed - The drop indicator for grid items in Livemesh Grid templates displayed incorrectly
    • Added - Styling for error messages prompting the user to choose Custom Skin and Custom Grid templates
    • Updated - Freemius SDK 2.4.0


    • Added - Adaptive height option for single slide Posts Carousel
    • Fixed - Class does not exist error when registering document types/li>


    • Added - Compatibility with Elementor 3.0
    • Fixed - Method get_site_editor_type does not exist error when loading Theme Builder in Elementor PRO


    • Added - Choice of 'Custom Skin' and 'Custom Grid' for posts grid items to design your custom posts grid and/or custom posts grid item using theme builder templates in Elementor PRO. You can now create custom skins for grid items and also create custom grid layout via drag and drop of page builder elements in Elementor.
    • Added - Choice of 'Custom Skin' for posts carousel items with ability to use theme builder templates for designing your own posts carousel. The custom skins for posts carousel items can now be designed via drag and drop of page builder elements in Elementor.
    • Added - Design custom skin for items of Posts Carousel and Posts Grid with custom choice of fields and their arrangement using Elementor page builder.
    • Added - Ability to choose separate Skin Templates for individual items within a Posts Grid. A single Posts Grid can now feature disparate set of grid items which utilize individual skins of their choice.
    • Added - Ability to use any custom post type with custom fields(including ACF/Pods/Toolset) for Posts Grid and Posts Carousel items.
    • Added - You can now drag and drop widgets in Elementor to build custom carousels/sliders and grids of Services, Events, Features, Team, Testimonials, Posts Grid, Posts Carousels etc. by utilizing the custom grid and grid item templates feature built into Posts Carousel and Posts Grid widgets. Possibilities for building custom carousels and grids are endless with dynamic widgets and page building experience provided by Elementor and data provided by custom post types and ACF/Pods/Toolset plugins.
    • Added - Added two theme builder template locations Livemesh Item and Livemesh Grid to help build custom grids and custom skins for posts grid and posts carousel widgets.
    • Added - Pagination, Next/Previous, Load More and Load on Scroll/Infinite Scroll support for Posts Grid featuring custom grids and those featuring custom grid items.
    • Added - Filters using custom taxonomy terms or categories/tags work for those Posts Grid instances which feature user designed custom grids
    • Fixed - The posts carousel does not show arrow navigation controls on smartphones


    • Added - Options to turn off/on title and taxonomy terms displayed on posts carousel thumbnail
    • Added - Open in new window option for post links in posts carousel
    • Added - Ability to add read more link for the posts carousel
    • Added - Styling for read more link for the posts carousel
    • Fixed - The posts carousel article would populate wrong style classes
    • Fixed - The WP filters/hooks in posts carousel received page id as post id


    • Fixed - The posts carousel and posts grid can cause error when the taxonomy terms are missing.


    • Fixed - The posts block and posts grid addons would allow a max of 100 words for post excerpts.
    • Fixed - The display taxonomy option not enabled for 'Grid Style 5' and 'Post Meta' section is empty in the Posts Grid addon settings.


      • Tweak - Enabled lazy load for all the widgets except for the grid/gallery addons - Posts Grid, WooCommerce Grid, YouTube Grid, Vimeo Grid, Twitter Grid, Instagram Grid, Video and Image Gallery. These Grid and Gallery addons utilize the popular Isotope library for laying out grid elements and Isotope library is not compatible with lazy loading of images.


    • Updated - Freemius SDK 2.3.2 with Opt-In / Out Enhancements, User Change, and More.
    • Added - The Posts Grid, Posts Block, Posts Carousel and Image/Video Gallery addons are now compatible with most of the popular lazy load plugins.


    • Added - WooCommerce support for Posts Grid. You can now create a AJAX powered grid of products with all details relevant to products captured as part of the grid - alternate image, product name, sale price, rating, add to cart button, sale indicator, add to wish list etc.
    • Added - Two new styles to the Posts Grid exclusive to WooCommerce products.
    • Added - Quick view option for WooCommerce products. You can now view all major details of a product in a modal window without leaving the page housing the WooCommerce grid.


    • Updated - Freemius SDK 2.3.1 with white label mode, URL whitelisting and other features and bug fixes.
    • Fixed - The social icons were not being displayed for team member profiles.


    • Added - Instagram Grid/Gallery widget that displays images and videos by talking to unofficial Instagram API.
    • Added - Display images and videos in Instagram Grid given one or more user names or hash tags.
    • Added - Display excerpt, user account name/avatar, posted date, likes/views/comments count of Instagram images/videos, as provided by Instagram API.
    • Added - Display Instagram user account header with information like account name, logo, website, full name, account stats and account description, as provided by Instagram API.
    • Added - Three skins for display of Instagram posts.
    • Note - The addon talks to unofficial API provided by Instagram and hence changes to the API by Facebook can break the widget. The official API of Instagram is restrictive and evolving; we may move to the same at a later date.
    • Added - Display of title and description in the lightbox popup for Vimeo and YouTube videos in Vimeo and YouTube Grid widgets.


    • Added - Vimeo Video Grid/Gallery widget that connects to Vimeo Developer API to display videos automatically from Vimeo.
    • Added - Display videos in Vimeo Grid given a User ID, Channel ID, Album ID or a Group ID.
    • Added - Large number of sort options for display of videos like alphabetical, posted date, modified date, view count, number of likes, comments number and video duration.
    • Added - Display title, excerpt, user account name/avatar, categories, posted date, duration, views/likes/comments count of Vimeo videos, as provided by Vimeo API.
    • Added - Display Vimeo user account header with information like account name, logo, website, location, account stats and account description, as provided by Vimeo API.
    • Added - Load More function for paginated display of Vimeo videos.
    • Fixed - Some navigation elements like the slider/carousel next/previous, accordion/tab open/close were displaying wrong icons.


    • Added - YouTube Video Grid/Gallery widget that connects to YouTube Developer API to display videos automatically from YouTube.
    • Added - Display videos in YouTube Grid given a Channel ID, Playlist ID or a list of video IDs.
    • Added - Display title, excerpt, channel name/avatar, posted date, duration, views/likes/comments count of YouTube videos, as provided by YouTube API.
    • Added - Display YouTube channel header with information like channel name, banner, avatar, channel stats and channel description, as provided by YouTube API.
    • Added - Load More function for paginated display of YouTube videos.


    • Added - Load on Scroll (Infinite Scroll) for Posts Grid, Posts Block and Image/Video Gallery modules.
    • Fixed - A short delay in loading the posts and gallery items after the loading indicator has turned off when using load more option.
    • Fixed - The HTML5 videos would autoplay in the background under certain conditions.


    • Added - RTL Support for ALL modules.
    • Added - The grid items on all relevant modules like Posts Grid, Posts Block, Gallery, Testimonials, Services, Pricing Table, Icon List, Clients, Stats, Team Members, FAQ etc. are now displayed from right to left on RTL sites.
    • Fixed - Sliders and Carousels including Posts Carousel, Gallery Carousel do not display slide content on RTL sites.
    • Fixed - Icons not showing up in tabs.
    • Fixed - Some styles broken on tabs.
    • Fixed - Full screen on YouTube videos lightbox broken on Safari browser.
    • Fixed - Subtitle not displayed for Services Carousel.
    • Fixed - Styling for Services Carousel was not taking effect.


    • Added - Support for Related Posts and Current Query in Posts Grid, Posts Carousel and Posts Block modules. These modules can now be effectively used in Elementor Theme builder templates.
    • Added - Support for FontAwesome 5 Icon Library in all relevant modules where icons are used.


    • Added - Support for external page link in services, services carousel, features and team member modules.
    • Added - Missing dark background styles for services, services carousel, features and team member modules.


    • Fixed - The taxonomy chosen dropdown displaying superfluous taxonomies in the dropdown for Posts Grid/Posts Block.
    • Fixed - Some taxonomies and/or their terms missing from taxonomy terms selection in query builder of Posts Grid, Posts Block and Posts Carousel.
    • Fixed - The order of the taxonomy terms in the taxonomy terms selection in query builder not same as order specified in taxonomy reordering plugins.
    • Fixed - Not able to sort the filters of the Posts Grid/Posts Block instances with taxonomy reordering plugins.
    • Fixed - Cannot display taxonomy terms for the post in block styles 7,8 and 9 of Posts Block.


    • Fixed - Some sites reporting error - call to undefined function get_blog_list().
    • Updated - Freemius to 2.3.0.


    • Fixed - Pagination of filters for Posts/Portfolio Grid and Posts Block modules.
    • Added - Security improvements to Posts Grid and Gallery modules.


    • Added - Plugin is now fully compatible with WPML plugin.
    • Added - All of our addons are now translatable using WPML plugin.
    • Added - Offset support for Posts Carousel modules.


    • Added - Thumbnails support for the lightbox module of Posts Grid, Posts Block, Image/Video Gallery and Gallery Carousel.
    • Added - Offset support for Posts Grid and Posts Block modules.
    • Updated - Fancybox scripts to 3.5.7 release.


    • Fixed - The HTML5 videos in the gallery module would display inline instead of showing up in the lightbox.
    • Fixed - Empty space below the tab addons.


    • Updated - Readme.txt and documentation.
    • Removed - Unused files in plugin folders.


    • Fixed - Fancybox lightbox combines images from multiple grids/galleries when displaying images/videos in the lightbox.
    • Fixed - The direct link to lightbox image does not work.


    • Updated - Freemius library with a security fix. Recommended to update immediately.
    • Added - Twitter grid addon for showcasing tweets on your website.
    • Added - 3 styles for display of tweets in a Twitter grid.
    • Added - Extensive customization options for Twitter grid addon.
    • Added - Load more feature for Twitter grid addon.
    • Added - Enhanced blocks framework to accommodate social media grids.
    • Fixed - Posts Block Style 4 with single column results in invalid HTML.
    • Fixed - Some themes can raise JS error due to jQuery $ being unavailable
    • Updated - Fancybox lightbox library and Flexslider library with RTL support


    • Fixed - Carousels utilizing slick JS causing conflict with Elementor scripts.


    • Added - Support for HTML tags in gallery item description.
    • Fixed - The gallery item description not displaying in fancybox lightbox.


    • Updated - Moved the video and image gallery addon to blocks framework with a host of new features. The popular gallery module is now powered by the same robust framework that powers our posts grid and posts block modules.
    • Added - 3 skins for video and image gallery module with better support for titles and descriptions.
    • Added - 7 new header styles for video and image gallery addon derived from blocks framework.
    • Added - Support for AJAX based filtering instead of JS filtering for video/image gallery addon when pagination/load more function is chosen for the gallery. No more empty filters since the gallery items are fetched from the server when filters are invoked. When number of items for a filter exceeds the 'items per page' specified, the filters themselves are paginated or load more function is invoked depending on user choice. The addon reverts to quicker in memory JS filters when no pagination or load more is involved.
    • Added - Support for tags and filters when bulk upload option for images is chosen.
    • Added - Collapsible and responsive filters for the gallery module.
    • Added - Better performance with in memory cache support for pagination of image/video gallery addon.
    • Fixed - The video gallery error when elementor lightbox option is chosen.
    • Removed module based templates; use filter hooks instead to achieve the same result.


    • Updated - Freemius SDK to 2.1.3 that addresses plugin update issues on a multisite network.


    • Added - Read More link/button options for posts blocks.
    • Added - Styling options for read more links and buttons in posts block module.
    • Added - Styling options for load more button in posts grid and posts block modules.
    • Added - Responsive pagination controls for gallery.
    • Added - Block style 8 in Posts Block now much more responsive.


    • Fixed - Social media icons not showing up for team profiles.
    • Added - Filters for settings object employed for rendering the addons.


    • Fixed - Gallery pagination would break when number of items crosses 140.
    • Added - Pagination with dotted navigation for galleries when number of pages exceeds 5.


    • Fixed - Incompatibility with some themes which load waypoints JS script.


    • Added - Extensive support for filters and templates to enable users to customize the output generated by the addons. You can now create a template file in elementor-addons folder in your child theme to customize the addons html or use filters to customize output generated by the addons.
    • Updated - Documentation providing information on how to use templates and filters to customize the plugin addons.
    • Fixed - The fancybox lightbox would not display share, thumbnail, slideshow options for image/video gallery, posts grid and posts blocks.
    • Fixed - Tooltips are displaying for icon list items.


    • Fixed - Incompatibility with certain themes due to different versions of waypoints scripts being used.
    • Fixed - The tabs would leave a large space after the footer.


    • Fixed - Certain widgets/addons like pricing, carousel, gallery and services raised errors when 'Add Item' button was pressed to add items. Error seen with latest version of Elementor.
    • Fixed - Leaving tags empty in the gallery lead to addition of an empty filter in the filter list
    • Fixed - Deprecated warning on checkbox control.


    • Fixed - Bug fixes related to Freemius integration.


    • Added – Freemius integration for easy upgrade, quick support/feedback and opt-in usage tracking with GDPR compliance.


    • Fixed - The URLs specified for the gallery items not preserved across pagination or load more calls.
    • Fixed – Translation issues due to presence of additional language domains.
    • Fixed - Some sites had issues rendering tabs with disappearing tab labels and extra spaces at the bottom.


    • Added – Compatibility with Elementor and Elementor PRO 2.
    • Added - Dynamic field connections for most widgets supported by Elementor 2.
    • Updated - Removed Livemesh prefix from all elements. For example, Livemesh Services is now named Services, Livemesh Tabs is now Tabs, Livemesh Grid is now Posts Grid etc.
    • Added - Ability to specify client name in HTML for additional formatting.


    • Added – New simpler grid system for all elements that use grid.
    • Added – Seamless control of number of columns at all device resolutions for all those elements that involve grid – posts/portfolio grid, posts block, image/video gallery, clients, services, testimonials, team, charts, pricing table, faq etc.
    • Added - Option to preserve shortcodes and HTML tags in excerpt. Option is disabled by default.


    • Fixed – Pagination and Load More for gallery would break when special characters are present in title or description.
    • Fixed - Duplicate tags filters generated in gallery when tags have spaces around them.


    • Fixed - Warning for image slider widget in Elementor 2.0
    • Fixed - Grid layout for video gallery can break at times when user expands an inline video full screen
    • Tweak - Increased the taxonomy terms limit to 500 to help taxonomy field display all terms in installations where there are large number of terms


    • Fixed - Broken wide image support for masonry grid in media gallery


    • Added - Support for multiple url formats for YouTube and Vimeo videos in video gallery
    • Added - Support for inline responsive videos of YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted MP4/WebM video formats
    • Added - If no custom thumbnail is set, the thumbnails for YouTube/Vimeo videos automatically set from the service provider
    • Fixed - Next/Prev navigation for gallery not working


    • Updated - Waypoints script with new API for handling events on scroll
    • Fixed - Some themes can break animations and report script errors for elements like piecharts, odometers, progress bars etc.


    • Improved – License activation page with less confusing interface.
    • Added - The license code entered is now masked upon activation.


    • Added – Ability to display description for the image/video element in the gallery and gallery carousel lightbox window.
    • Added – The lightbox for posts grid and posts block now displays post summary and a link to the post in the lightbox.
    • Added – Option to disable display of post summary/excerpt in the lightbox window of posts block or posts grid.


    • Added – Fancybox lightbox integration for grid, posts block, image gallery, video gallery and gallery carousel modules.
    • Added – Advanced features like touch/swipe controls, pinch out/in, double tap, keyboard navigation, full screen, thumbnails, social media sharing, hardware accelerated animations, direct linking now supported with lightbox.
    • Added – HTML5 video support in video gallery and video carousel modules. Support for MP4 and WebM formats.


    • Fixed – Posts Grid columns can break in certain resolutions in FireFox.
    • Fixed - Posts Grid excerpt would not display shortcodes or HTML content
    • Fixed - Livemesh Gallery styling controls not taking effect for thumbnail hover and titles


    • Added - Support for creating stunning masonry gallery layouts using flexible widths and heights for images.
    • Added - Ability to specify wide width for images in masonry layout of gallery.
    • Added - Options to enable/disable display of image/video titles and image/video tags in gallery and gallery carousel addons.
    • Fixed - Next Previous buttons of carousels would not show up in certain installations due to conflicts with base slick carousel styles


    • Fixed - Undefined index warning on the gallery addon.
    • Fixed - Pagination/load more on the gallery addon.


    • Fixed - Lightbox conflict with Elementor for gallery, gallery carousel, posts/portfolio grid and posts blocks modules.
    • Added - Option to choose either Elementor or Magnific Popup as lightbox lib for gallery and gallery carousel addons.
    • Added - Made Elementor lightbox lib as default for gallery and gallery carousel addons with slideshow function.
    • Fixed - The categories/taxonomy terms of the posts/portfolio grid and posts blocks would display a comma character on the post image when multiple terms/categories were present.


    • Added - Advanced tab and accordion functions that help directly link to Tabs and Accordion panels from external pages. On page load, the corresponding tab/panel opens upon auto-scrolling to the tab or accordion panel.
    • Added - Smooth scroll to tabs and accordion panels from internal links within a page.
    • Added - Open tab or accordion panels by clicking the internal links within a page.


    • Upgrade – Simpler grid system based on NEAT 2.1 version
    • Updated - The CSS is now optimized for vendor prefixes with reduced properties and file size.
    • Added - Scroll to the top of the posts block to display new posts during paged navigation (when new posts are not visible).


    • Added – Image size option for all major addons including grid, gallery and carousels.
    • Added – Ability to crop images and specify custom image sizes for all major addons including grid, gallery and carousels.
    • Added - Bulk upload option for image gallery. The title of the image attachments is displayed on hover.
    • Added - The lightbox now opens on clicking anywhere on the image if no destination URL is specified for gallery item
    • Fixed – The gallery image was not clickable to the link specified
    • Fixed – The gallery filters would not center when a heading was not specified.
    • Fixed – The gallery filters will not display multi-line on devices of lower resolutions like mobile devices.


    • Added – Moved the Posts Grid widget to new framework based on reusable blocks. Pls note that the class names have changed to keep it consistent with the new framework.
    • Added – 6 different styles for grid items plus 7 header styles too
    • Added – Next Prev pagination options for Posts Grid widget
    • Added – Ability to handle large number of grid pages by providing dotted navigation
    • Added – AJAX Category or taxonomy filtering for Grid widget. No more empty grid on category/taxonomy filtering
    • Added – Read More option for the grid items
    • Added – Open in new window option for links to posts in the grid
    • Added – Two more header styles to posts blocks
    • Fixed – The grid image was not clickable to the post
    • Fixed – The filters would not center when a heading was not specified.
    • Fixed – The grid filters will not display multi-line on devices of lower resolutions like mobile devices.


    • Fixed - Fatal error on installations running below PHP 5.5 versions


    • Added - Brand new Post Blocks module with more than a dozen styles and options to present your posts or custom post types
    • Added - AJAX Pagination, Next Prev and Load More options for Post Blocks addon
    • Added - AJAX Category or taxonomy filtering for Post Blocks addon


    • Added - Extensive customization options including typography, color and other styling options for all addons/modules
    • Fixed - The lightbox image was smaller than uploaded size
    • Fixed - Service icons would show up even when 'None' option was chosen
    • Fixed - Translations not working with default files provided by plugin


    • Added - Automatic plugin updates and license key activation


    • Fixed - The portfolio grid addon leaves an empty space on the top when no heading is specified and when no taxonomy filters are specified
    • Fixed - In a few installations, the grid elements may not occupy full width between 769px to 800px device resolutions
    • Fixed - The grid raised an warning when when certain taxonomies are chosen in the grid settings.
    • Fixed - The isotope and magnific popup libraries were not being loaded for image/video gallery addon.
    • Credit - Big thanks to user Axel for finding ALL these bugs that I could not have found myself.


    • Fixed - Plugin animations mixing up with elementor animations making the addons to disappear on frontend
    • Fixed - Links in a few widgets were showing even when no link URL was specified
    • Fixed - A few addons would wrap around and move outside of the editor container
    • Fixed - Odometers, Piecharts and Bar Charts addons would not show up in the editor preview
    • Fixed - Links in few addons would not take into consider the setting to open URL in new window
    • Fixed - The posts carousel would not show up in mobile devices
    • Fixed - The posts carousel dots navigation was not clickable
    • Fixed - The posts carousel would not expand beyond 960px in width
    • Fixed - Some addons having strange grey background in elementor editor


    • Initial release.