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The premium version includes over 25 addon elements with more than 50 styles. You are never short on ideas on how to make your site rise above the crowd.

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Elementor Addons

Addons designed and developed with exceptional attention to detail. Click on the screenshots to see a live preview of the addons listed below.

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Great collection of page builder addons for Elementor. Building a exceptional website is all drag and drop.

Premium Quality Addons

Exquisitely designed addons for Elementor page builder.

Page Builder Elements

Large collection of page builder elements with their multiple styles that provide ALL the tools you need to come up with a dream website of yours by just drag, drop and configure.


Essential addons include Services, Team Profiles, Testimonials, Clients, Pricing, Statistics, Charts, Carousels and Portfolio/Post Grid.


Along with the essential web building tools bundled with free version, the PRO version comes with additional advanced addons, functions and customizations detailed below.

Dark Version

The plugin comes with dark versions for the bundled addons.

Posts/Portfolio Grid

The PRO version comes with advanced grid functions like pagination, lazy load via AJAX, lightbox support etc.


Construct a responsive and filterable grid of posts or custom post types like portfolio entries.


The PRO version comes with advanced grid functions like pagination, lazy load via AJAX, lightbox support etc.

Demo Site Replication

Premium version comes with sample data XML bundled to get a head start on the plugin by import of demo data on our site.

Grids with AJAX Pagination

Multiple pages of posts/portfolio/image/video grid loaded inline without page refresh. Showcase your entire work anywhere on the site.

Advanced Grid with Lazy Load

The grid elements are loaded on demand with each press of a Load More button that displays a count of remaining posts.

Lightbox Support

Magnific Popup plugin integrated for fast and smooth lightbox support for posts/portfolio or image/video grid elements.


Choose from over 40+ custom animations for most widgets (excludes sliders, carousels and grid).

Advanced Image Slider

Responsive slider with choice of Nivo, Flex, Slick and Ultra Lightweight slider types. Comes with multiple caption styles, thumbnail navigation and detailed customization of slider speed and controls.

Responsive Tabs/Accordion

Beautifully designed Tabs and Accordions. Never before choice of over dozen painstakingly crafted styles to choose from.

Image Gallery

Create a beautiful yet responsive gallery with support for tagging, linking, filtering, labels, lazy load of images with Load More and pagination.

YouTube/Vimeo Video Gallery

Essential tool for video bloggers, video marketers, musicians and other sites with video content. Tags, filters, external linking, labels, pagination and lazy load via AJAX supported.

Advanced Image Carousel

Advanced carousel with touch/swipe/drag/paged/click navigation. Extensive customization for responsiveness, animation/slideshow speed, gutter, looping etc.

YouTube/Vimeo Video Carousel

Perfect for showcasing a select collection of videos with filters, tags, external links, labels, touch/swipe/mouse drag/click navigation, paging and lightbox support.

Dedicated Support Forum

Customers of PRO version get access to a dedicated support forum with public/private tickets, searchable content and threads which are answered within 24 hours.

Priority Support

The experience and expertize gained by providing support for over 13,600 customers for our premium themes and plugins is available to you. Private tickets let you work directly with our support staff by providing your site details.

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